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ES Breakout for $700 in 2 Hours


In this Trader Anatomy Episode 209, Steve Dahl recaps an early morning bullish breakout trade signal that was generated on the Emini SP 60 minute time horizon. On the 7am CT (Chicago) price bar which is the 3rd green bar on the video you'll see the market closed above the key 2722 "high value area" red horizontal line. That's a big deal as that supply area is breached and it means the bulls were now in control. The official signal shared in the WE Trade Desk was to enter long at 2726.50. The first tier target achieved was 2741 for $725 and the 2nd tier target reached was 2745 for $925 before any commission or slippage assumptions. Not bad for about 2 hours of work on the charts. 

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Emini SP Comeback Trade


In Trader Anatomy Episode 207, Trader Steve provides a recap on a bullish "comeback" trade that emerged in the Emin SP. The market started down over 30 points early in the trading session, but on both the 60 minute and 30 minute timeframes it provided a bullish breakout close about the high value area level (red horizontal line). 

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