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Daytrade Bite Out of Apple


In Trader Anatomy Episode #212, Trader Steve reviews the 5 minute chart of Apple Inc (AAPL) with the TAS Market Profile analytics. On the opening bell, the market surged higher and triggered a bullish breakout. Shortly thereafter the market reversed and triggered a short entry on the close below 185.76. Lastly, Trader Steve talks about the late morning "comeback" buy signal on the close back above 185.09. The TAS Boxes and TAS Vega indicators made is clear to see what side of the market to trade and at what levels. 

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USA Pre-Birthday Trading Party


In Trader Anatomy Episode #211, Trader Steve provides a post-session market recap ahead of the 4th of July holiday. He dissects trading opportunities in the Emini SP, Gold, Crude Oil, Eurocurrency and more. He shows how the TAS Boxes and TAS Vega indicators make it simple to know where the balance zone "value areas" are and how to trade on the side of the market with probabilities. 

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Tick Tock, SP Pay Clock


In this Trader Anatomy Episode #210, Trader Steve shows how an Emini SP bullish breakout signal survived volatility within just one tick of being stopped out. This was due to prudent stop loss placement outside of recent technical lows in addition to the TAS Boxes indicator levels on the chart. While certainly it is easy to chalk it up to luck, savvy traders know that over time having discipline to stick to your trading "rules" results in a positive outcome. Patience pays off in trading!

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ES Breakout for $700 in 2 Hours


In this Trader Anatomy Episode 209, Steve Dahl recaps an early morning bullish breakout trade signal that was generated on the Emini SP 60 minute time horizon. On the 7am CT (Chicago) price bar which is the 3rd green bar on the video you'll see the market closed above the key 2722 "high value area" red horizontal line. That's a big deal as that supply area is breached and it means the bulls were now in control. The official signal shared in the WE Trade Desk was to enter long at 2726.50. The first tier target achieved was 2741 for $725 and the 2nd tier target reached was 2745 for $925 before any commission or slippage assumptions. Not bad for about 2 hours of work on the charts. 

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It's Raining Opportunities in Emini SP and Gold


In Trader Anatomy Episode 208, Trader Steve shows a technical breakdown trade in the Emini SP as well as a bullish breakout trading opportunity in Gold. 

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Emini SP Comeback Trade


In Trader Anatomy Episode 207, Trader Steve provides a recap on a bullish "comeback" trade that emerged in the Emin SP. The market started down over 30 points early in the trading session, but on both the 60 minute and 30 minute timeframes it provided a bullish breakout close about the high value area level (red horizontal line). 

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Friday Fun Day, Monster Movers


In Trader Anatomy Episode 206, Trader Steve provides late morning updates on big movers in the Emini SP, Gold, Crude Oil and the Eurocurrency. 

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Stop the Trading Noise


In this world, there is so much information, technology, and people. How do you know what to do with it all? If you're like most traders, you just want to stop the noise!

There is a common misconception among traders that more information enhances ones' chances of success. But we couldn't disagree more. What has the greatest impact on traders sustainability and success is having access to the RIGHT information. 

There's a big difference between MORE information and the RIGHT information. Simply having more information means more to sift through and a higher likelihood of indecision altogether. Take an honest look at the technical tools and information that you're using daily and ask yourself if the information offers tangible value or just more noise. 

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Winners Have a Plan


One of the major differences between those who struggle in the markets and those who win is the winners most often have a plan. It is what drives them each and every day on every trade they make. 

A trading plan is what adds structure to trading decisions and without it, human emotions take over such as fear and greed. These emotions can be irrational at times and evoke regrettable trading decisions. 

So long as you're human, emotions will be present but you can setup mechanism to control them and hold yourself accountable which is the first step to better trading. 

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Commodities Are Part of Your Everyday Life


Most people don't realize that commodities already are a part of our everyday lives. From the gas in our cars, wheat in our bread, or even our morning cup of coffee. In this video, commodity trading expert, Steve Dahl, takes a stroll to the Chicago Board of Trade to discuss this reality and the big difference between traders and consumers. 

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