The EDGE (Quarterly)

Discover the hidden "market internals" of the S&P 500 market and know if the bulls or bears are in control and exactly when the tides are turning. 

The EDGE is powered by the acclaimed TAS Market Intelligence algorithms. 

IT'S TURNKEY:  This stand-alone software does not require any extra host platform or data feed.

FOCUSED AND ACTIONABLE:  The software provides perpetual analysis of the SP 500 index stocks on a 5 minute time horizon and provides and delivers powerful aggregated analysis for action-minded SP daytraders. 


  • Market Internals Chart
  • Breadth Meter
  • Breadth Statistics
  • Volatility Gauge
  • TAS Boxes Landscape Chart
  • And more...

The EDGE was built for SP daytraders seeking insight that puts their analysis ahead of the curve!


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