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TAS Pro Rules-Based Market Analysis (6 hour course)

This course provides a comprehensive education about Market Profile and the application of the acclaimed TAS Trading Method, as seen on Bloomberg. The course is comprised of 4 video modules summarized below and a 74-page study guide for students!

Following is a Summary of Topics in the Module 1 Video Lesson:

Risk Warning & Disclaimer
Introduction to Our Company
Starting With a Blank Slate
Basic Job of Market Professionals
Minimum Ingredients for Success in Trading
The Significance of Market Profile
Markets and The Bid/Offer Structure
Extracting Meaningful Information from Market-Generated Trading Data
Probability Vs. Prediction
Profiling Trading Data to Extract Meaningful and Actionable Information
How Classic Market Profile Reveals the Dual-Sided Auction
Market Formation Characteristics
Market Profile Terminology
A Completed Profile
The Initial Balance
Unfair Highs/Lows 
Point of Control
The Value Area
Buying Tails / Extremes and "Sprints"
Single Prints ("Sprints")
Range Extension
The Range
End of Module 1

Following is a Summary of Topics in the Module 2 Video Lesson:

Two Phases of Market Movement: Horizontal and Vertical
Three Types of Trends & Their Basic Trading Tactics
Phases of Market Activity: Balance Vs. Imbalance
The Four Steps of Market Activity
Horizontal Development
Minus Development
Balance Leads to Imbalance
Slow Leads to Fast- and Vice-Versa
Market Formations and Movements
The Challenge with Market Profile
Detecting Market Transitions
What Does Volume Mean to Us?
Three Types of Volume
Volume Measurement Methods
Improving Volume Analysis with Volume-at-Price Measurements
Using TAS Pro Technology
End of Module 2

Following is a Summary of Topics in the Module 3 Video Lesson:

TAS Pro Approach to Trading
Dynamic Profile Vs. Market Profile
Directional Trading with TAS Dynamic Profiles (aka Boxes)
Rules-Based Trading & Accurate Risk Management with Dynamic VAP
Rules-Based Trading & Accurate Risk Management with Dynamic Profiles
End of Module 3

Following is a Summary of Topics in the Module 4 Video Lesson:

Combining Multiple TAS Indicators VAP Map + Dynamic VAP
Rules-Based Trade Management with Dynamic Profiles
Simplifying Directional Bias, Timing, Momentum and Divergence: TAS Navigator
Simple Challenges Require Real-Time Decision Making
TAS Navigator: Rules-Based + Risk-Managed Trading Confirmation
TAS Navigator + Dynamic VAP: Rules-Based Confirmation
VAP Map + Dynamic VAP
VAP Map + Navigator + Dynamic VAP: Rules-Based Confirmation
End of Module 4


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