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Market scanning software powered by the acclaimed TAS Market Intelligence algorithms. 

(Psst, this is stand-alone software so no extra platform or data is required)

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“Analysis with TAS Tools save me time and help keeps me on track.”
— Bruno S. (Moenchengladbach, Germany)

The Dashboard

Pinpoint market movers and filter instantly for actionable trading opportunities.

Trade Matrix

Trade ideas on a silver platter with the Top Ten List and advanced reward analyzer.

TAS Boxes Analysis

Includes popular "TAS Boxes" on Weekly, Daily, 4 Hour, and Hourly timeframes.

Landscape Charts

Analyze value areas across multiple timeframes within a single view chart.

Market Breadth

Know the tide of the market through "market internals" breadth stats and charts. 

Breadth Odometers

Anticipate when the bulls or bears are taking control across multiple trading timeframes. 

ETF Heat Grid

Get relative strength rankings of the most popular ETFs in the Heat Grid view. 

TAS Says

Cross-check your analysis with integrated commentary that is updated minute-by-minute. 

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