Remote Assist

Live Technical Support (By Appointment Only)


Our Remote Assist technology (TeamViewer) allows us to efficiently resolve technical issues by using software that allows us to see your computer screen remotely and control your mouse. The software is safe and easy to download. 

NOTE: This premium support service is made available by APPOINTMENT ONLY. You must be invited via email by a Help Desk support representative before attempting to install the required software below. Please note that we do not provide this service “on demand."

Step 1

Install Software

When you click the "Install TeamViewer" button below, you will see a pop-up dialogue box (shown at right). Select “RUN.” If necessary, select “RUN” again a second time if prompted. If you have anti-virus software on your computer, please be sure to allow this program as a “safe application” or temporarily disable your anti-virus program during the remote assist session.

NOTE:  If you are using Mozilla Firefox browser, you will need to download the file to your desktop and then manually run the file from there. 

Install TeamViewer

Step 2

Submit ID/Password

After running the software, you will see a pop-up window with your ID and password (as shown at right). Your support representative will request this information from you in order to connect to  your computer. Please reply to your open support ticket or email these credentials to [email protected]

Step 3

Keep TeamViewer Running & Hands Off

Please keep the program running until the support rep is connected to your computer and throughout the duration of the remote assist session. You will see your mouse moving at the direction of the support representative. Avoid taking control of your mouse while the support representative is assisting you as this will impede their efforts. Sit back and let our team do what they do best. There is a chat box within the application as an alternate way to communicate live. 

Step 4

Close the Application When Done

When your remote assist session is completed, you can close the program and it will terminate the ability to control your computer indefinitely until such time as you reinitiate a new session. 

Still Need Help?

Create a Support Case

Initiate contact with the TAS Help Desk team by creating a new support case by emailing [email protected]. We look forward to helping you resolve your issue soon. 


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