Join My Exclusive President's Club 

Gain Unrestricted Access to My Private Learning Venues, Reserved Content, and Trader Development Program!


Get EVERY PENNY of Your Membership Sponsored!

The President's Club Elite Members qualify for REIMBURSEMENT UP TO THE FULL COST of your membership. That's right, every single penny!

Simply fund a new trading account at Daniels Trading (futures) or TradeStation (stocks/futures) and get a 20% rebate until you've recouped your entire membership.  


Accepted Members Get The Following Exclusive Benefits!

Get Up Close and Personal [Included]

Getting to Know You In-Person

The President's Club Elite members get the opportunity of a lifetime with an in-person consultation with Trader Steve. Connect at YOUR trading office, hometown or a meetup destination of your choice for a memorable jump start to your new learning journey.  

Reserved Seating at Seminars

Get reserved seating at Trader Steve's high-impact seminars and keynote presentations (minimum of two annually, but typically more). Surround yourself with other motivated traders and make trading friendships that last a lifetime. 

Private Trader Socials

Traders work hard, but enjoy the fruits of their labor too! Gain access to private Trader Socials for behind-the-scenes opportunities to exchange knowledge and grow your trading friendships.  

This In-Person Learning Package Alone Valued at $15,000!

Live Online Learning [Included]

VIP Group Coaching (Weekly)

Take an intimate deep dive into the charts every week to learn prepare for emerging opportunities. These private sessions are focused on strategy application and best practices.   

Trade Alongs (Bi-Weekly)

Enjoy a front row virtual seat next to Trader Steve as he navigates the markets and teaches the logistics of pinpointing trading opportunities, deployment and risk management. 

1-on-1 Accountability Calls (Monthly)

The power of peer accountability is well-documented and that's exactly what we're doing. Ensure that you're on track and making progress toward your goals every month. Book your private phone and online screen-share sessions directly on Trader Steve's internal call calendar. 

Secret Saturdays eMeetings (Monthly)

Get macro-technical outlooks and a survey of the economic landscape in Trader Steve's monthly online meeting reserved for trading friends, family and VIP clients only. 

Market Profile Room (Open 24/7)

Keep the discussion going with like-minded Market Profile enthusiasts and fellow traders in the private Market Profile Room inside of the WE Trade Desk online community.  

This Online Learning Package Alone Valued at $12,000!

On-Demand Video Learning [Included]

Online Recasts Library

Can't attend all of the learning live? We've got you covered with our library of recasts available inside The President's Club member portal. Glean valuable lessons on your own schedule. 

Interactive Video Courses

Continue your self-paced learning with unrestricted access to Trader Steve's online video courses including: 

* "Plan to Win" Trading Plan Creation Course (over 30+ lessons)

* TAS Pro Rules-Based Market Analysis (6 hours)  

This On-Demand Package Alone Valued at $2,000!


Protect Your Technical Analysis Advantage and Never Pay Another Leasing Fee EVER! 

This TAS Tools Lifetime Package Alone Valued at $20,000!


Get Trader Steve's Mobile Essentials Pack

BOSE Noise Cancelling Headphones
ASUS USB Portable Second Monitor
SwissArmy Durable Laptop Carrying Backpack

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about The President's Club or require assistance, contact our friendly TAS Help Desk Team at [email protected]. We're happy to assist you in determining if The President's Club is right for you and how to apply. 

Trader Steve only has a very limited number of traders that he can work with at any given time. It is important to him that applicants are in the right situation and time in their trading journey to maximize his mentoring and knowledge. 

Typically application review takes 1-2 business days as they are personally reviewed by Trader Steve. You'll be hearing back from us either way when a decision has been made. 

As Trader Steve gets to know your challenges and areas in need of improvement, together you'll assemble a game plan. This may include:

  • Trading Plan formulation
  • Strategy development
  • Risk and money management
  • Trader psychology
  • Trade Reviews
  • And more...

You'll have access to the personal phone calendar of Trader Steve and you'll be able to select an available date/time that works best for you. Thereafter, you'll be reminded via email as your appointment approaches (the day before and an hour before). 

We offer a variety of convenient payment options for The President's Club membership dues. 

  • Wire Transfer
  • Check
  • Personal loan financed by reputable online lenders or (credit approval required)

While we do not accept credit cards payments for The President's Club, we do provide a variety of convenient alternatives including:  Wire Transfer, Check, Online Lender Financing and a Broker Reimbursement Program.

Through our long-standing relationships with Daniels Trading and TradeStation, members of The President's Club qualify for 100% Reimbursement for the cost of their membership. 

Simply open a new trading account with them and alert your broker that you are part of The President's Club to qualify for a 20% commission rebate every month until every penny of your membership fee is recouped over time. 

If your broker has any questions or must verify your purchase, please instruct them to contact us at [email protected] and we'll assist.  

As a new member of The President's Club Elite, you will receive:

  • Personal on-site consultation from Traders Steve (alternatively, an online screen-share session)
  • VIP Group Coaching online weekly
  • Private Trade Alongs online bi-weekly
  • Accountability Calls & screen-shares monthly
  • Secret Saturdays Meetings online monthly
  • Video Recasts of learning sessions
  • On-demand video courses
  • Access to "Market Profile Room" online community
  • Reserved seating at In-Person Seminars
  • Invites to private Trader Socials
  • Trader Steve's Mobile Essentials Pack
  • And more...



Due to the nature of The President's Club being knowledge intellectual property that may not be repossessed, there are no refunds or prorated refunds under any circumstance. If you are uncertain about the financial commitment required to join, we strongly urge you to enjoy the many free resources available to you outside of The President's Club. 

After 12 months of enjoying The President's Club benefits, you'll be afforded an opportunity to continue your learning journey with the following renewal options:

1. Renew your membership for another year of personalized mentoring and continue to learn through the full scope of benefits in the Club. 


2. Retain admittance to all private group learning venues and on-demand education through The President's Club Alumni Access Program. The maintenance access fee for this program is just $2997 /annually. 


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