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Our flagship TAS 7-Indicator charting add-on package delivers the ultimate Market Profile clarity in ANY market or timeframe. We've earned the the respect of Wall Street while staying committed to Main Street traders as well.

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“As a full-time trader, I need charting visuals that give me a factual landscape for my decisions. TAS makes it so clear.”
— Nedelko I. (Kurgan, Russia)

TAS Market Map

Move over clumsy alphabet volume profiles and hello TAS Market Map. The color-coded volume profiles provide an eye-pleasing way to digest volume in an entirely new way. Easily create multiple profiles catered to your preferences, identify congestion zones and volume gaps!

Indicator Manual (Coming Soon)

TAS Boxes (Dynamic Profile)

Unlike inferior Market Profile providers, TAS Boxes deliver proprietary value areas in REAL-TIME with explicit trading levels for entry points, trailing stops and targets. You'll always know where the fair auction resides and when the market is in breakout mode.

Indicator Manual (PDF)

TAS Navigator

Get early warnings when the market is exhausted and tides are turning with TAS Navigator. The color coded histogram and dots give you an accurate gauge of whether buyers or sellers are in control and gaining momentum or losing favor. Appears in a separate bottom pane. 

Indicator Manual (PDF)

TAS Vega

Supercharge the price bar coloring scheme and make it more meaningful with TAS Vega. When seconds matter, you'll know whether a market is bullish, bearish or in balance instantly. 

Indicator Manual (Coming Soon)

TAS Ratio

An effective day-trade timing tool provides a pulse of a market's overbought or oversold condition. It is a popular counter-trend identification and triggering mechanism as well. 

Indicator Manual (PDF)

TAS Price Compression Levels (PCLs)

This two-indicator combo delivers three levels of support and resistance to guide your trading. TAS Static PCLs provide levels that remain intact throughout the session and TAS Floating PCLs provide dynamically-updating levels throughout the session. 

Indicator Manual (PDF)

Putting It All Together (Chart Sample)

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