testimonialsTAS Trading Indicators

TAS Trading Indicators are a must-have for any investor or trader who wants to better understand what moves global markets. These proprietary analytical tools reveal the hidden footprint of institutional traders through volume analysis as never seen before. Best of all, they work on any chart timeframe or market such as futures, forex, stocks, and ETFs.

TAS Vega

See markets crystal clear with our popular "red light green light" indicator that aids in identifying breakouts and directional bias.

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TAS Boxes

The TAS Dynamic Profile indicator (aka "TAS Boxes"), provides a dynamic visual representation of key value areas.

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TAS Navigator

The TAS Navigator is a versatile indicator designed to help traders determine when trend-momentum is increasing or falling off.

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TAS Ratio

TAS Ratio is a leading indicator that provides forecasting for short-term price movements and counter-trend trading opportunities.

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TAS Statics

TAS Statics use volume aggregation and multi-timeframe confluence to generate 3 distinct levels of daily support and resistance.

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TAS Floaters

TAS Floaters provide dynamically-adjusting support and resistance levels that adjust to current market flow for key trading inflection points.

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TAS Proudly Available On:

  • dt-pro
  • OEC
  • eSignal
  • trade navigator
  • ninja trader
  • meta-trader
  • tradestation
  • Bloomberg